The Olga Document

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The following document was written in a series of meetings in Givat Olga, and titled after the location, The Olga Document.

For Truth and Reconciliation, For Equality and Partnership

  • The State of Israel was supposed to grant security to Jews; it has created a death-trap whose inhabitants live in constant danger, the likes of which is not experienced by any other Jewish community;
  • The State of Israel was supposed to tear down the walls of the ghetto; it is now constructing the biggest ghetto in the entire history of the Jews;
  • The State of Israel was supposed to be a democracy; it has set up a colonial structure, combining unmistakable elements of apartheid with the arbitrariness of brutal military occupation.

Israel, 2004, is a state on the road to nowhere.  Fifty-six years after its establishment—notwithstanding its many achievements in agriculture, science and technology, and albeit a great regional military power, armed with doomsday weapons—many of its citizens are heartsick with existential worry and fear for their future.

Since its foundation Israel has lived by its sword.  An incessant succession of "retaliations", military operations and wars has become the life-support drug of Israel's Jews.  And now, almost four years after the beginning of the second Palestinian Intifada, Israel is up to its neck in the mire of occupation and oppression, while it goes on extending the settlements and multiplying the outposts, repeating to itself ad nauseam that "we have no partner for peace."

Ten years after the Oslo Accords, we are living in a benighted colonial reality—in the heart of darkness.  Thirty-seven years after Israel conquered the last of the Palestinian territories in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, over three and a half million Palestinians under its rule are penned up in their towns and villages.  The term "Palestinian State"—which for years embodied the peace option—is being used by many Israeli politicians as a mirage phrase, a spin on the reality of occupation: "In the future," they whisper with a knowing wink, "the Palestinian entity in the Territories may be called a 'state'."  And meanwhile Israel is amplifying the devastation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as if determined to pulverize the Palestinian people to dust.

In the face of the large Israeli camp of supporters of the separation walls—those, both right and left, who are terrified by the demons of demography, constantly counting the populace to find out how many Jews and Arabs are born and die every week, how many Jews and Arabs live in the entire country and in each of its districts every month—it is vital to pose an alternative outlook, based on the following principles:

Coexistence of the peoples of this country, based on mutual recognition, equal partnership and implementation of historical justice.

We are united in a critique of Zionism, based as it is on refusal to acknowledge the indigenous people of this country and on denial of their rights, on dispossession of their lands, and on adoption of separation as a fundamental principle and way of life.  Adding insult to injury, Israel persists in its refusal to bear any responsibility for its deeds, from the expulsion of the majority of Palestinians from their homeland more than half a century ago, to the present erection of ghetto walls around the remaining Palestinians in the towns and villages of the West Bank.  Thus, wherever Jew and Arab stand together or face each other, a boundary is drawn between them, to separate and distinguish between the blessed and the cursed.

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Pompei ultimo atto

il Manifesto, 7 novembre 2010

BENI CULTURALI - All'alba, uno smottamento ha ridotto in polvere l'antica Schola Armaturarum
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La Casa dei gladiatori si è sbriciolata sotto il peso della pioggia e del cemento armato. «Una vergogna per l'Italia», commenta Napolitano. Il sito archeologico più famoso del mondo sconta la politica del commissario facile e la volontà granitica del ministro Bondi di affidare Pompei a una fondazione a gestione privata, che può fare a meno delle competenze di un soprintendente
A guardare le macerie, sembra che sia esplosa una bomba. Ieri all'alba è completamente crollata la Schola Armaturarum. Una collina di mattoncini rossi su via dell'Abbondanza, il corso principale della città distrutta dall'eruzione del 79 d.C., è tutto ciò che resta della palestra dove i gladiatori si allenavano. «È una vergogna per l'Italia - ha dichiarato il presidente della Repubblica, Giorgio Napolitano - chi ha da dare delle spiegazioni non si sottragga al dovere di darle al più presto e senza ipocrisie».

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