Israel's hidden monster (and one very visible one)

Haaretz, 25.11.14


These days our leaders don’t need any legitimacy from the West. That’s why the thugs permit themselves everything.



When the Knesset passed the Basic Law on Israel Lands in 1960, enabling the most comprehensive possible discrimination against the country’s Arab citizens, then-Justice Minister Zerah Warhaftig said, “We want it to be clear that the lands of Israel belong to the Jewish people. The Jewish people is a broader concept than the people living in Zion, because the Jewish people are found all over the world. On the other hand, every law we accept is for the good of all the state’s residents, and all the state’s residents include people that do not belong to the global Jewish people … and the land will not be sold permanently … the land of Israel, the lands of Israel, will not be sold permanently … There is a very great legal innovation here: We are giving a legal wrapping to the regulations of the Jewish National Fund.”

In other words, the JNF – the organization that owns lands for Jews only – was given a “universalist” cloak that was empty of any real content. Even before the law, from 1950, the Knesset had passed a series of laws that regulated the land grabs and fixed those areas where Arabs could live. [...]

In the beginning there was the violence. The lands were confiscated. The areas of settlement were defined with the help of the military government, whose raison d’être was to maintain a hold on those lands until the legislation could be passed (and not for the usual excuse of “security”). After the violence came the law. The law was cautious. Circuitous. Fragile. The violence never moved from its side all along. [...]



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