Bundaím, Socialists in Yiddish and Hebrew - Video


The story of the Bund in Israel. The first 8 minutes of the film by Eran Torbiner


Video testimony of a Palmach fighter who expelled Palestinians during the Nakba

The Electronic Intifada, 29/12/2011

The Israeli group Zochrot has posted a video testimony from Amnon Neumann, a man who fought with the Palmach during the Nakba of 1948. According to their web site, “Zochrot (‘Remembering’) seeks to raise public awareness of the Palestinian Nakba, especially among Jews in Israel, who bear a special responsibility to remember and amend the legacy of 1948.”

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WATCH: Ultra-Orthodox spit on “immodest” 8-year-old girl in Beit Shemesh

+972, December 25 2011|

Haredi in Bet Shemesh. "You people are sick. I'm healthy" (photo: youtube)
Haredi in Bet Shemesh. "You people are sick. I'm healthy" (photo: youtube)

Haredi in Bet Shemesh. "You are sick. I'm healthy" (photo: youtube)


Naama Margolis, an 8-year-old from Bet Shemesh, is the most famous girl in Israel today. (...)

And why is that? Well, on Friday evening, Naama told her story on the most watched news show in the country. Interviewed by Channel 2’s Shai Gal, Naama told how she was afraid to go to school, just a few hundred meters from her house in Bet Shemesh, because Haredim cursed and spit on her for being dressed “immodestly.” (...)

Israel Revokes Zakaria Zubeidi’s Amnesty


December 30, 2011

The Freedom Theatre, Jenin Refugee Camp

Zakaria Zubeidi one of the founders of the Freedom Theatre and leaders of the resistance under threat.

Today, 29th December 2011 the co-founder, avid supporter and mentor of the Freedom Theatre, Zakaria Zubeidi, has been told by the Palestinian Authority that his amnesty is being revoked by the Israeli authorities. This amnesty agreement, granted in 2007 by the Israeli Prime Minister’s office was in return for Zubeidi’s ending of armed resistance. The amnesty agreement allowed him to remain safe inside the Palestinian Authority district of Jenin where the Israeli military would not seek to arrest or assassinate him.

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3 Years Later: Palestinians Still Exist


Mondoweiss, December 27, 2011

gaza war Gaza war

The sounds of bombs took over the temporary silence that prevailed all over the place, followed by the sirens of ambulances that wracked one's nerves, the smell of both burning flesh and gunpowder welding with one another, the black and dark sight due to the cloud of ashes that surrounded the overall scene, and the stunning voices of the weeping, woeful, and sighing wounded bodies, squealing in acute pain, and being thrown everywhere were all flatly clear-cut evidences that the drums of the 23-day-long war on Gaza had been beaten. And Operation Cast Lead was okayed.

17 seconds or less were more than enough for the 60 - warplane Israeli fleet to take the lives of 200 men, and to draw the landmarks of the massacre, never seen in the history of the mankind. At that same exact moment the Israeli airman pressed the button, 200 mothers were bereaved; 200 wives were widowed. And more than 200 orphans were lost. They are fatherless. But never had the Israeli airman, who pressed the button, opened the gate of death, and directed this dramatic action, been convicted. And the dead to blame.

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