War on Gaza: A promise Israeli politicians can keep

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+972, January 9, 2015


Virov continued and stated that there is no real way of deterring Hamas in Gaza. As opposed to the Israeli leadership, he did not tell lies to the residents of the south a moment before the election. Instead he simply said: “What will the residents of Gaza be deterred from? How much worse can it get for them? If we cannot deter them so that they think twice about the next war, while also remembering the previous one, what is the point of this war in the first place?”

“Gaza is a huge tragedy,” said the officer. “It has no resource reserves. It has nothing. This makes it even more complex. If there is no deterrence – and I am saying this as honestly as possible – the next war will not be a war of deterrence.”

It is unbelievable that in the year 2015, a brigadier-general in the IDF, who wears the uniform and carries a weapon sounds like Mahatma Gandhi when compared to the politicians of the right and the center-left. They, the masters of war, tell the citizens of Israel not to worry, because voting for them means that things will become bad once more. There will be another war, they promise. No worries – they promise to repeat all the mistakes of the past. They promise not to think out of the box, not to take responsibility, not to apologize for the mistakes they have made and the opportunities they have missed. They promise not to rethink Israeli policy or move toward a deal the Palestinians, for instance through declaring that we will talk with the Palestinian leadership that is seen as legitimate in the eyes the Palestinian public.