Analysis: The political orphans of Jerusalem revolt

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Ma'an News Agency, 05/02/15

Women watch Israeli forces demolish a home in East Jerusalem in May. (MaanImages/file)
Women watch Israeli forces demolish a home in East Jerusalem in May. (MaanImages/file)


Judaization attempts are synchronized by the Israeli government, police, courts, Jewish settlers, radical groups and Knesset members, with each group doing its part.

The carrot and the stick are used to buy people's houses through suspicious deals, the lives of those who refuse to sell are made hell and settlers and their supporters are constantly protected.

Housing permits are routinely denied because they are not part of a zoning plan. Arab East Jerusalem neighborhoods have purposely not been planned, leaving the local communities to build illegally and then to suffer regular house demolitions for violating city laws.

Meanwhile, a nine-story building named Jonathan House, built illegally (by Israeli law) in Silwan continues to house rowdy Jewish settlers without any attempt to execute equal justice.

The Israeli high court denied in 1978 a Palestinian, Mohammad Burqan, the right to repurchase his own house in the Maghrebi quarter, adjacent to the Jewish quarter, because the now expanded Jewish quarter has "special historical significance" to Jews, and this "supersedes all other claims by non-Jews."

Of course, Jews now live in all quarters of the Old City and in all Palestinian neighborhoods outside the walls.