PA arrests Palestinians for Facebook comments

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ynet, 29.09.14

Illustration (Photo: AP)
Illustration (Photo: AP)


[...] “[...] [T]hey asked me if I had made comments against an official from the President’s office and I admitted yes,” Qubbaj, 42, said.

The incident in question occurred over the summer [...]. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Nimmer Hammad insulted the news anchor when she asked him what Abbas was doing in the wake of the brutal killing of Palestinian teenager Mohammad Abu Khdeir. Qubbaj wrote on Facebook that listening to Palestinian officials like Hammad made him want to vomit.

[...] After four nights of sleeping on a dirty mattress smelling of urine, Qubbaj was released and given a November court date. [...]

Some journalists say they have learned to practice self-censorship to avoid arrest. Palestinian journalist Qutaiba Qassim says he has been summoned for questioning several times over the past six years. [...]

“They asked me to come with them for five minutes, and then they threw me into solitary confinement for more than seven hours,” Qassim told The Media Line. He was arrested for commenting on a photo of police arresting then-Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. He said the photo proved that anyone could be arrested.

[...]“The first time they started at the interrogation, they asked me questions like: ‘Why did you bring up Gaza?’ ‘Why did you write this?’ ‘What is your aim? ‘Why are you are against law and order in the West Bank?’ [...]”

The interrogators told him that he was being monitored, and that they were reading everything that he writes.