Analysis | Palestinians in no hurry to end security coordination with Israel

Haaretz, 13.11.14



“People look at this, as if the Palestinian Authority, through its security forces, is an executive arm of Israel’s security forces, but they need to remember that every step that relates to day-to-day life contains an element of security cooperation,” [Abbas] said. “Ultimately, the entire PA is based on security coordination. Scrapping or halting it would mean that the PA as a government arm had ceased to act and would be turning in the keys to the Israeli government. Therefore a decision like this is not just a matter of stopping the meetings between intelligence chiefs or with the [Israeli] Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories.”

[...] Despite the air of disappointment in Ramallah and the pressure to act, the Palestinian leadership is not prepared to call it quits and take steps that would inflame the situation on the ground as long as the fate of the Palestinian request to the UN has not been decided.