When Marine Le Pen thanks Israel

May 01, 2012

she can say a heartfelt "thank you" also to a number of friends from Israel. To our ambassador to the United Nations who honored Le Pen by attending an event she hosted in New York and contributed a joint photo-op worth more than gold; to the deputy cabinet minister Ayoob Kara (Likud ) and other right-wing friends who are responsible for nurturing a covenant with the well-known nationalists and anti-Semites of Europe, Le Pen's spiritual brothers; and to the Jewish state, the official one, which has remained totally mute in the face of these phenomena, so that some even suspect that this is an intentional policy (...)

 Le Pen is not capable of breaking away from her father's heritage and the Vichy-ist and anti-Semitic core of her party: In interviews with Haaretz, she attacked former president Jacques Chirac for accepting responsibility in 1995 for the crimes of the Vichy regime. This "demagogic" declaration was made to please the Jews, she said.

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