Haaretz, May 09, 2016


“We’re seeing something we never saw before, and that something is anti-normalization – not talking to the pro-Israel side,” says Seidler-Feller.

Forward, January 18, 2017


In Poland, another Israeli overture to the far right took place September 7, when Israel’s ambassador to Warsaw, Anna Azari, hosted an hour-long meeting with Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, head of Radio Maryja. The station, a Polish radio and television network, was branded by the U.S. State Department in 2008 as “one of Europe’s most blatantly anti-Semitic media venues.” In a 2011 report, Poland’s own Broadcasting Authority condemned the station for disseminating “nationalistic racism.”


Il presidente americano e il premier israeliano abbandonano, di fatto, la soluzione dei Due Stati per cercare altre “possibilità”. I palestinesi: non accetteremo un’apartheid legalizzata. Il capo della Cia Mike Pompeo ricevuto alla Muqata da Abu Mazen

Trump e Netanyahu alla Casa Bianca (Foto: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

Trump e Netanyahu alla Casa Bianca (Foto: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

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Gerusalemme, 16 febbraio 2017, Nena News – Lo Stato palestinese indipendente, la soluzione dei Due Stati, sono formule del passato. Ciò che un funzionario dell’Amministrazione Usa aveva annunciato ieri prima dell’incontro tra Donald Trump e Benyamin Netanyahu – gli Usa non cercheranno più di dettare i termini di un eventuale accordo di pace insistendo sulla creazione di uno Stato palestinese accanto a quello d’Israele ma sosterranno qualunque soluzione le due parti concorderanno – è stato confermato punto per punto dal presidente americano e dal premier israeliano.

Haaretz, Mar. 5, 2017


7. Trump has done wonders to generate new support for the much-maligned Affordable Care Act and renewed respect for its creator, Barack Obama. He’s definitely worked miracles in rehabilitating the image of past presidents, especially George W Bush. The 43rd president is now perceived, even by some of his strongest detractors, as a model of fairness, humility and judiciousness (compared to the present occupant of the White House, at least).

Mondoweiss, February 5, 2017

Rosa Brooks

Left largely unmentioned, for instance, is the role of the United States. American security guarantees over the last few decades have kept Israel’s neighbors relatively docile, if not precisely friendly, and nearly a quarter of Israel’s annual defense budget is effectively paid for by the United States. Israel receives more American military aid than every other country in the world combinedA more complete answer to “How did Israel do it?” might be: pluck, brains and billions of dollars of American aid each year.