Haaretz, Mar. 13, 2017


After living in the south Hebron Hills for generations, the Abu Qubeita family stands accused of trespassing on its traditional grazing lands.



Mahmoud Abu Qubeita hurried to the site, which was near the main road and the path leading to the ranch. He knew that he had to prevent a confrontation. That’s exactly what the Jewish neighbors want, so that there would then be a “security” excuse to expel the entire family.

Haaretz, Oct. 25, 2016

Israeli settlers start to build a new illegal outpost north of the West Bank Palestinian village of Ain al-Baida on October 25, 2016. Jaafar Ashtiyeh, AFP


on Monday, a young man with side locks hidden under a black hat sicced a German shepherd on several members of the Arab-Jewish Ta’ayush (Living Together) organization who have been monitoring the illegal and unauthorized new West Bank Jewish outpost being built in the Al-Hama area of the northern Jordan Valley.


Continua il calvario della comunità beduina palestinese in Naqab: dopo l’arrivo di tre case mobili, la polizia si è ripresentata per distruggerle

Umm al-Hiran nel 2009. (Foto:  Daniel Tchetchik. Fonte HaAretz)

Umm al-Hiran nel 2009. (Foto: Daniel Tchetchik. Fonte HaAretz)

Roma, 30 gennaio 2017, Nena News – Tanti volontari erano arrivati nei giorni scorsi dalle comunità vicine, da Dir Hanna, Sikhnin, Araba, al-Tiba per ricostruire il villaggio distrutto di Umm al Hiran, in Naqab. La comunità beduina palestinese, 1.500 abitanti e 150 case, da settimane tornata nel mirino delle autorità israeliane, era stato teatro di altre demolizioni e dell’uccisione di un suo cittadino da parte della polizia.

Haaretz, Oct. 29, 2016


Soon, one of the youths would strip and enter the glittering, greenish water of the irrigation pool at noon on that mid-August Friday.

Haaretz, Feb. 17, 2017


Last week, three Israeli settlers in a different area in the northern Jordan Valley demanded that three other Palestinian shepherds stop grazing in the area, despite the fact that they do so regularly.