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Israel’s MoT causes ‘systems breakdown’ at Guardian

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November 29th, 2011



For an account of the story see the posting Israel’s Ministry of Tourism incorporates all occupied territory, including Gaza, in its maps


Read more: Israel’s MoT causes ‘systems breakdown’ at Guardian


Letters of complaint dealt with by Sales department

From Richard Kuper, 27.11.11

The Editor,
The Guardian

I was staggered to find a three-page spread in the name of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism in my Saturday Guardian magazine (26 November), advertising a state of Israel which purportedly includes the occupied Syrian Golan as well as the occupied Palestinian territory – the West Bank (Judea and Samaria on the accompanying map) and the Gaza strip.

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Protests at IDF night time raid on Freedom Theater, Jenin

Read more: Protests at IDF night time raid on Freedom Theater, Jenin

Behaviour of a police state
Letter from JfJfP executive
Dear Ambassador

It is with profound shock and dismay that we have learnt of the onslaught on the Freedom Theatre by members of the Israeli Defence Forces. It is beyond our understanding that a cultural icon like the Freedom Theatre, the only professional venue for theatre and multi media in the Northern West Bank, could be attacked in such a brutal manner.

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JfJfP condemns killings by Israel of Nakba-day demonstrators

Read more: JfJfP condemns killings by Israel of Nakba-day demonstrators


The Israeli killing machine

The Nakba demonstrations on Sunday, 15 May 2011, show us once again that Israel is the equal of Syria, Bahrain and Libya in suppressing demonstrations. Not content with firing tear gas, the IDF fired rubber bullets and in some cases live rounds to disperse the demonstrators and force them back from Israel’s borders. In Gaza, Palestinian refugees marched to the border with Israel, while in Syria and Lebanon the refugees marching to the border were joined by Syrians and Lebanese. Palestinians also demonstrated in Ramallah. The demonstrators were armed only with rocks and sticks. Accounts of numbers casualties vary, but it is clear that more than 10 demonstrators were killed and more than 400 injured.

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Jewish boat to Gaza supported by Miliband's mum

Jews sans frontieres, September 27, 2010

I think there has been a certain amount of relief in leftish, anti-war and Palestine solidarity circles that Ed Miliband beat his brother, David, in the contest for leader of the UK's Labour Party. Brother David was implicated in the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, the torture of rendition victims and he was an ardent supporter of the State of Israel whilst in office and never uttered a critical word after leaving office. I'm not expecting much better of brother Ed really but at least brother David has been punished for his unprincipled opportunism.

Ok, all that is by the by. I have heard many times that the mother of the Miliband brothers and the widow of their father, legendary British marxist, Ralph Miliband, is an activist with Jews for Justice for Palestinians. Her name is Marion Kozak. I don't know if that's her original name or if she remarried.

Anyway, the Jerusalem Post is finding it all rather fascinating in the context of this Jewish boat, Irene, to Gaza and some of the "talkbackers" are in apoplexy over the news.

Jews for Justice for Palestinians, the British organization which organized the boat sailing for Gaza on Sunday, has over 1,600 signatories including Marion Kozak, the mother of recently elected Labor leader Ed Miliband, according to its Web site.
In an interview over the phone from the UK, Naomi Wayne, a co-founder and acting treasurer of the left-wing group, confirmed Kozak's support and laid out her organization's manifesto.

"Our slogan is Rabbi Hillel's quote that which is hated by you do not do to your neighbor," she said. "We want the end of the occupation and for Israel to sit down and speak with all the Palestinians. We believe the occupation itself is a violent act...What we are hoping to do by sending the boat is reach Gaza in a very peaceful and friendly way. We do not believe people should be locked in without being able to leave."

Jews for Justice for Palestinians was founded in 2002, at the height of the Second Intifada. Besides Kozak other well-known signatories include Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm, actor and comedian Stephen Fry, and the late playwright Harold Pinter.

One talkback says of Ed's (and David's) mum, "she should never have survived the holocaust".

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Thoughts on the Jewish boat to Gaza

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Lynne Segal comments on the significance of an all-Jewish aid boat to Gaza that has been intercepted by the Israeli navy today

Lynne Segal, a member of the Independent Jewish Voices Steering Group, is Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London

How many warships does it take to intercept one small boat, with 9 unarmed passengers? 10 apparently! One for each passenger, and two for the 82-year-old Holocaust survivor. Did we need yet another boat provoking confrontation on the high seas trying to break the long years of Israel’s blockade of Gaza? Just when a fact-finding mission to the UN Human Rights Council accused Israel of war crimes over its lethal assault on the Mavi Marmara four months ago, another small boat departed on its perilous voyage to Gaza. Captained by Glyn Secker, from Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JFJFP) in Britain, it was co-organized by the German Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East and supported by eleven other groups affiliated to the European Jews for a Just Peace, plus two US-based groups. The symbolic significance of this boat is that it is a Jewish boat, its crew and passengers drawn from Jews around the world, including Israel. But can it make serious political ripples, or will it prove merely another misadventure in the murky waters that never deliver us any nearer to peace between Israel and the Palestinians?

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