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Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions

Dear all,

as you will remember, we decided at the last EC meeting to take up the question of BDS at the January Convention with the view of an EJJP declaration of the matter. We also decided that for this purpose each member country should draw up a statement giving its view on BDS. The following is the statement of  the "Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in Near East", Austria :

In July 2005 over 170 Palestinian organisations,  movements, parties and trade unions came together to launch a call for BDS. In July 2008, the Palestinian BDS National committee (BNC) initiated a major new outline resource for the BDS campaigns, the www.BDSmovement.net. BDS iniatives have since been gradually and persistently spreading all over the world, drawing on a full range of actions, bringing together Palestinian and international actors in a new way to challenge Israel's multiple forms of colonial and racist oppression of the Palestinian people. The significance of this campaign lies in the fact that it constitutes, on the basis of international legal standards, an instrument of civil non-violent resistence which puts pressure on Israel to comply with international law as long it continues its policy of occupation and of systematic discrimination, oppression, ousting and expulsion - an ongoing Nakba - of the Palestinians from their homeland. The most recent appeal for BDS was launched on January 1, 2010 by the "Gaza Freedom Marchers" (1400 activists from 43 countries) -who were prevented from entering Gaza by the Egyptian authorities - by issuing the "Cairo Declaration" aimed at accelerating the global casmpaign for BDS against Israeli Apartheid.

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I entered the West Bank

mail, October, 25 2009

(...) I entered the West Bank on 6 October, intending to go to Ramallah as I have countless times before, both via Ben Gurion Airport and Allenby Bridge and this time I received a stamp in my passport that I was not allowed to leave the PA Territories.   Amira Hass has written about this, giving this matter some importance .  She felt it was an important point to discuss with EJJP.

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Viennese Conversation

Interview with Paula Abrams-Hourani on 10 June 2009 in Vienna


Paula Abrams-Hourani is a Jewish human rights activist who was born in the United States of America. She is an Austrian citizen and lives in Vienna. Ms. Abrams-Hourani founded the Viennese section of the Women in Black. She belongs to the Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East (EJJP-Austria), which joined other Jewish groups of the federation “European Jews for a Just Peace (EJJP) (www.ejjp.org) a few years ago, and in the Viennese initiative “Gaza muss leben” (“Gaza must live”),which supports the fulfilment of and respect for the human rights of the Palestinians.


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Let's have a moment of silence

Speech, Tel Aviv Beach Protest, Vienna, Sunday, 10 May 2009

I would like to request all who are gathered here today for a moment of silence. Let us think of the beleaguered and suffering people of Gaza, of the victims of the last Israeli attack, “Operation Cast Lead”.
• of the 1,415 dead and thousands of wounded people of Gaza
• of the victims of illegal, chemical weapons, which were used against them by the Israeli army in December and January
• of the Palestinians who have been victims of the constant closures imposed on them by the government of Israel, closures which made travel out of Gaza impossible for them in order to obtain urgent medical help, dying as a consequence; let us think of those who will continue to die because of the closure.

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Letter to Leonard Cohen

4 May 2009

Vienna, Austria


Dear Leonard Cohen,


It is impossible for me to address you as „Mr. Cohen” because I belong to the generation which grew up with your wonderful songs and poetry and feel as though I know you personally, as do hundreds of thousands of other fans.


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