No support for the Israeli Occupation! In defence of international law and human rights: boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel


EJJP, 29 January 2010


For forty-three years massive land and water confiscation, roadblocks, extrajudicial killings, closures, curfews, and collective punishment have taken place in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in contravention of international law. Oppression, segregation and humiliation, house demolitions, and the construction of the Annexation wall in the West Bank and the blockade and war on Gaza determine the daily life of the occupied Palestinian people.

The Israeli government, throughout the years of Occupation, has felt entitled to breach International Law, the Charter of the United Nations (UN), and the U.N. Bill of Rights, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and even the decisions of the International Court of Justice with the tacit acceptance of much of the international community.

The U.N. and the international community as a whole have failed to implement any effective sanctions against Israeli breaches of International Law. Citizen action throughout Europe is therefore called for, to stop Governments operating double standards and continuing to appease Israel. (...)

It declares:

• That the EJJP recognises the value of the BDS call from Palestinian civil society as a useful non-violent tool in its struggle against the Occupation.

• That EJJP joins the BDS to pressure the European Parliament and each European government to live upto their obligations towards International Law and Human Rights.