Israeli-Palestinian separation is a fool's delusion

Haaretz, 07.01.15


Every so often, especially at election time, some major candidate, a former and future minister, this time it was Yair Lapid, suggests for the 1,176th time, as if he were the first to think of it, that we “separate from the Palestinians.”

The thing is, he explains anew, that the Palestinians, with all due respect, as much as we wanted it, are not, as we can see, ripe for peace. As if they were chickens who were not marinated long enough in their own blood. And therefore, if we want peace and a Jewish, democratic state and Yitzhak Rabin and all that, we have to find another solution, which is not peace, to get rid of these irritating people with their kaffiyehs, who go to the United Nations in the winter and shoot missiles in the summer.

But what does “separate from the Palestinians” mean? How can we “separate from the Palestinians,” anyhow? After all, they live here with us, within us, alongside us. How can we separate from them? What, no more Palestinians to build our houses? To wash our dishes? To nurse our elderly? To live in our cities? [...]

When [these politicians] say they want to “part company in peace” from the Palestinians, what they are actually saying is “goodbye and good riddance,” and this to achieve peace with them. Something like “peace with the Palestinians ... without the Palestinians.”

Will the Palestinians agree to such a peace? What do we care? We are not asking them. Because they, after all, are not ripe for peace and all that. Therefore we are making unilateral peace with them. Between us and us. And that’s that. That’s the right road and the only road to peace with the Palestinians. Peace without them.

In short, if they continue thinking like this, then the only way to make peace with the Palestinians is indeed “to separate from the Palestinians,” in the sense of “cutting them off.” Just as the only way to separate from your itching hand is simply to cut it off. After all, if you don’t have a hand, it won’t itch. And if there are no Palestinians around, you can make peace with them – but you don’t have to. That would be the most fun, wouldn’t it?