November the 19th, 2017

Open letter condemning Israeli Supreme Court’s decisions making way for the expulsion of 750-1,000 Bedouin residents in the north of the Jordan Valley.

We, the Italian network of Ebrei Contro l’Occupazione (Jews Against the Occupation), call on European Union governments, and especially our own Italian Government, to take a strong position against Israel’s policy of ethnic persecution, which includes the planned expulsion of  Bedouins living in the northern Jordan Valley villages of Ein el-Hilweh and Al Maleh to enable the construction of a Jewish town on land located in part of the Israeli occupied West Bank known as Area C, currently under full Israeli administrative and security control.


After 10 years of siege and devastating wars, Israel’s recent decision to cut Gaza’s already meager electricity supply, down to just two hours a day, is inflicting enormous suffering on the population of the Gaza Strip while seriously affecting its very chances of survival.

28 giugno 2017

Gent. dott. Santoro, nella sua trasmissione di giovedì 22 giugno molti dei suoi ospiti si sono scandalizzati quando un giovane di origine marocchina, presente fra il pubblico in studio, ha affermato che quello in atto da anni contro i palestinesi è un genocidio. Forse il giovane ha usato un termine improprio anche se la definizione di “genocidio”, coniata dalle Nazioni Unite nel ’48, gli darebbe ragione. Tuttavia non ci interessa in questo momento soffermarci a polemizzare su un termine quanto, purtroppo, riaccendere la sua attenzione, e quella del suo pubblico, su quanto sta succedendo ancora una volta a Gaza, preda di una gravissima crisi provocata dal taglio di energia da parte di Israele, suo maggiore erogatore.

UJFP, 7 juin 2017

Le Parlement européen a voté à une très large majorité, le jeudi 1er juin, une nouvelle résolution sur l’antisémitisme. Il va sans dire que nous déplorons, une fois encore, la singularisation de l’antisémitisme vis-à-vis des autres formes de racisme. D’elles pas un mot, alors que, par exemple, l’islamophobie sévit partout en Europe et que la rromophobie tue. Mais il y a plus grave. A y regarder de plus près, ce n’est pas tant d’antisémitisme que de limitation de la liberté de parole et de criminalisation de la critique d’Israël qu’il s’agit.

June the 23rd, 2017

The Report on Antisemitism in Italy in 2016 (Rapporto sull’antisemitismo in Italia nel 2016), published by CDEC's Observatory on Antisemitism makes for sobering and disturbing reading – obviously, for its description of the persistence of anti-Jewish prejudice in Italy, but also for its own prejudice and negative generalisations with regard to those critical of the State of Israel and the political ideology of Zionism, with particular reference to the political tactics of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS). Guilt by association, characterising the beliefs and acts of an entire group by those of a few individuals, denying and/or playing down discrimination and persecution – these are the very things that CDEC and the Observatory on Antisemitism should be fighting, rather than condoning and