Haaretz, Oct. 22, 2015


Mubarak Awad [...] created the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence [...]. Five years later, Israel revoked his residency permi [....].

Abu Rahma wrote a letter about the protests he had helped lead in Bilin, a Palestinian village cut off from roughly half its land by the separation barrier. “In Bilin,” Rahma wrote, “we [...] have chosen to protest nonviolently [....]” Rahma’s wife smuggled the letter out of the jail where he was serving a year-long sentence for “incitement” and organizing “illegal demonstrations.”  Under Military Order 101, [...] an “illegal demonstration” is any gathering of 10 or more Palestinians that involves “a political matter or one liable to be interpreted as political.”

[...] Fayyad’s Palestinian enemies undermined him. But it was Israel that proved his theory wrong. “In deeds,” said Fayyad just before leaving office, “Israel [...] was quite hostile [....]”