Haaretz, Nov. 4, 2015


In A Durable Peace, Netanyahu calls Israeli control of the West Bank — where Palestinians live as non-citizens without free movement under military law — “a liberal policy aimed at radically improving the lives of the Arabs.” By contrast, in the film the Gatekeepers, Avraham Shalom, who ran the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, says that in the West Bank, Israel acts as “a brutal occupation force.” Former Shin Bet head Carmi Gillon says, “We are making the lives of millions unbearable.”

[...] Question: Why is your view of Israeli policy in the West Bank so much more benign than the men who administered it on the ground?

[...] In his speech to Congress earlier this year, Bibi compared Iran to Haman, Amalek’s heir who according to the Book of Esther tried to destroy the Jews of Persia. According to the Hebrew Bible, Jews are required to utterly wipe out Amalek’s descendants. As the Prophet Samuel instructs King Saul, “Spare no one, but kill alike men and women, infants and sucklings, oxen and sheep, camels and asses!”

Question: If an Iranian leader spoke this way about Israel, wouldn’t you accuse him of incitement to genocide?

[...] The woman Netanyahu named Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hotovely, declared earlier this year that, “This land is ours. All of it is ours.”