Haaretz, Jan 13, 2016


I kept waiting for F) “In the West Bank, Jews hold Israeli citizenship, which entitles them to free movement, due process and right to vote for the government that controls their lives. West Bank Palestinians, by contrast, live us as non-citizens, without free movement, under military law.” 

But the AJC’s section on the West Bank doesn’t discuss democracy. [...]

It’s the same with the ADL. Go to the “West Bank”  and “Settlements” entries in the ADL’s “Guide for Activists” and you won’t find the word “democracy” or “freedom of speech.” The ADL is outraged by Shaked’s efforts to make NGOS inside the green line publicly disclose their foreign funding. But it can’t spare a sentence for Military Order 101, which makes it illegal for ten or more Palestinians to congregate for a political purpose in the West Bank without the Israeli military’s prior permission. 

[...] So why do the AJC and ADL criticize Israel’s comparatively minor transgressions against democracy inside the green line while ignoring its far more profound transgressions beyond it?