Jews for Justice for Palestinians, January 10th, 2016

The PA is a narcotic for Israelis: It allows them to control millions of stateless, disenfranchised Palestinians without paying the cost

06 January 2016

[...] [I]n 2014, [Netanyahu] declared that he no longer supports any Palestinian state at all.

Once again, the Palestinians are not blameless. The PA is authoritarian and corrupt, and West Bank Palestinians cannot elect new leaders because neither Abbas nor Netanyahu nor Barack Obama want to risk another free election that Hamas might win.

[...] Now, having spent a career undermining the PA, Bibi wants to keep it afloat. The reason would have been familiar to any 19th century colonial administrator: Indirect rule is cheaper. Why send Israelis to pick up the garbage and hunt for terrorists in Qalqilya if Palestinians will do it for you, especially when foreign donors largely pick up the tab?

[...] Bibi [has] already made his choice: one state, from river to sea, in which Jews enjoys citizenship and West Bank Palestinians don’t.