Haaretz, Dec. 12, 2016


The Naftali Botwin Brigade of Jewish volunteers, during the 1937 Civil War.

Botwin Company published its own Yiddish-language newspaper, called Botwin (which came out seven times), and had a flag that bore the motto “For your freedom and ours,” printed in Yiddish and Polish on one side, and in Spanish on the reverse. Its anthem, also in Yiddish, was written by the fighter Olek Nuss, and ended with the following lines:

“And in that future time without war,
Our efforts will be remembered,
As the Jewish Botwin soldiers,
The fascist plague, they chased away!
No pasaran!”


Members of the company had a reputation for http://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/.premium-1.758306bravery, and were often referred to as “red devils,” although it is not completely clear if the reputation was genuine or if it was part of the propaganda generated from above.