Jewschool, February 14, 2017


For the last decade, all-out war has been declared on anti-occupation Jews in the U.S. by the organized Jewish establishment. Everyone from J Street leftwards has been shunted aside — quite forcibly pushed out of the Jewish communal tent for violating the so-called “communal consensus” on Israel.

[...] Largely, this ostracizing has focused on Jewish supporters of BDS, purportedly because BDS supports a one-state solution to the conflict (though it doesn’t explicitly) and therefore ultimately the dissolution of Israel. However, for years there has been a double standard in play, where Jewish supporters of one state in which Arab citizens have limited human and civil rights do not have their loyalty to Israel nor the Jewish community thrown into doubt, but rather are treated as legitimate voices in our discourse.

[...] The American Jewish community, which sat on its hands for years while Israel shifted to the extreme right, facilitated the end of the two-state solution [....]

And so, now we will have one state. And make no mistake, it will be an apartheid state — because for Palestinians in the occupied territories, it already is.