Haaretz, Apr. 10, 2017


Officer: Sir, I need you to wait here while I check your background.

[...] Officer: Did you or did you not turn all the water in Egypt into blood? Flood the country with lice? Infect everyone with boils?

Aaron: Well, that was God. You see …

Officer: Bring locusts into the country, shroud the country in darkness, kill all the firstborn sons?

Aaron: God, all of it!

Officer: Sir, one could reasonably argue that you were all accessories after the fact, at the very least [....]

Officer: Sir, from what I can see, you are all terrorist-suspected refugees from a majority-Arab country. Your religion, with its vengeful God who rains down frogs, lice, and infanticide on anyone who disobeys him, is wholly incompatible with our civilization. You can’t stay here.