Haaretz, Jun 29, 2017

Absurd and obscene: Silent on the occupation, US Jews howl about their own victimhood: Israeli Border Policeman at the Western Wall. 25 February


It is obscene that on the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation, as a quarter of a million West Bank Palestinians were denied entry to Jerusalem to pray and to celebrate during Ramadan, and as Palestinians in Gaza observed their fast and celebrations in the dark, with barely enough clean drinking water or electricity to survive, American Jewish leaders are upset that they can't just drop in for a visit and close a backroom deal with the prime minister.

[...] This summer, when Gaza was left to choke on 2.5 hours of daily electricity, when the occupation hit 50 years, when 22 million Americans were facing the loss of their healthcare, when Bibi and Trump were having a love fest, when the one thing American Jewish leaders made a scene about was egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall.