Haaretz, Jul 30, 2017


While Israel continues to rule over the West Bank, there are bound to be ever more frequent acts of resistance by a population that is feeling encroached upon by a spreading pattern of Jewish colonization and who yearn for independence.

As long as Israel continues to govern that territory, she will have little choice but to retaliate in an increasingly oppressive fashion just to keep order [....]

This sharpening polarization is bound to contribute to an upsurge in overt anti-Semitism.

[...] [I]t is hardly rocket science to foresee that if Israel does not end its occupation of the Palestinians soon, and if organized Jewish opinion in other countries appears openly to back it, there will almost certainly be a further spike in anti-Jewish sentiment, potentially unleashing more sinister impulses [....]

People whom Jews wouldn’t have touched with a bargepole in bygone years, are today serenaded by the Israeli government and by some pro-Israel groups in other countries.Right-wing, pro-Zionist, evangelical Christian groups in the U.S., whose concept of the "rapture" would eventually see all Jews convert or perish, are not the only ones. Known Hungarian, Polish and Latvian anti-Semites have been courted on the ground that their political parties take Israel’s side at the European Parliament.