Haaretz, Sep 11, 2017


Netanyahu Jr.’s anti-Semitic cartoon is the latest nail in the coffin of what was once unbridled admiration for the Jewish state



And all this, without a word about the occupation, land confiscations, price tag operations and the increasingly clear signals sent by Netanyahu that he has no intention of even trying to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians. American Jews may realize that some if not most of the troubling phenomena that they object to in Israel stem from the occupation and they are bewildered by Israel’s passivity in peacemaking, but the occupation does not seem to be foremost on their minds, as it isn’t on the minds of most Israelis. The problem isn’t with the occupation, stupid, it’s with Israel itself [....]

An Israeli leader and his son adopting the anti-liberal, anti-globalist and anti-Jewish worldview of right-wing nationalists is one more symptom of an Israel that has become, in some respects, a darkness unto the nations. American Jews, some of whom have devoted their lives to the wellbeing of the Jewish state, will look at you with sad eyes and shrug. So it’s come to this, they say.