Haaretz, Jun 3, 2016


Waldman: “[...] What people don’t understand is that Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem [a local human rights group] are Israel’s best ambassadors in the international arena. Our weapon as Americans against anti-Semitism is these organizations.

Haaretz, Apr. 5, 2017


It is an immense tribute to the Jewish tradition that the fight against slavery in modern times has been waged under the inspiration of the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Indeed, the biblical narrative of the liberation of the People of Israel has inspired freedom movements and ideologies of liberation throughout history and all over the world.

Mondoweiss, August 5, 2016

Blue sky over Bethlehem
Blue sky over wall in Bethlehem


at an affluent Jewish settlement deep in Palestinian East Jerusalem that looks like a fancy development in New Jersey, there is a fine brick sidewalk. The sidewalk simply stops when the road enters the neighboring Palestinian area. Now the side of the road is dirt and trash. The settlement is served by an Israeli national bus line. The Palestinians—and mind you both groups are in “Israeli” East Jerusalem– get no such services… .

Haaretz, Apr. 3, 2017


After climbing a rickety staircase (locals cannot get permits for renovations or repairs, she said) and seeing how the Israel Antiquities Authority is excavating literally underneath already-precariously structured buildings near the Siloam pool, I noticed a two-story tall Israeli flag covering Bet Yonatan, a building in which Jews live. The obnoxiousness of this display of privilege was stunning.