Jews for Justice for Palestinians, March 23rd, 2017

Omar Barghouti, enemy of the State, alleged “tax cheat”

The Persecution and Assassination of Omar Barghouti by the Inmates of the Asylum of Israel Under the Direction of the Marquis de Millikovsky

Tikun Olam
March 21, 2017

What a clever way to destroy the career of a Palestinian activist. He founded an international movement, BDS, so arresting him for espionage or on a political pretext would bring the wrath of the world down upon Israel. So you look for an alternative and rip a page from the early FBI, which couldn’t topple Al Capone by conventional means. So it chose an alternative: taxes.

Mondoweiss, March 3, 2017

Panel at J Street on saving Israel from occupation. Tony Klug is second from left. Jessica Montell is at right. Photo from Ben Murane's twitter feed

if Israel does not end the occupation sharply, and if organized Jewish opinion in other countries appears openly to back it, there will indeed almost certainly be a further surge in anti-Jewish sentiment, potentially unleashing more sinister impulses.

Haaretz, Mar. 7, 2017


for some, settlement boycott has been the classic expression of liberal Zionism, leading Peter Beinart to call a settlement boycott a form of “Zionist BDS” when he first laid out his vision for that sort of move.

Haaretz, Mar. 8, 2017


The statement [this law] makes and the message it sends - that those who so deeply object to the occupation that they choose not to buy settlement products - are no longer welcome to visit, see and experience their country is a drastic shift in Israel’s relationship with the outside world.  

Mondoweiss, May 22, 2016


Here’s how you explained Zionism in your recent article for the Daily Telegraph.

“…a noble and integral part of Judaism”.