Haaretz, Nov. 9, 2015


The numbers speak for themselves. Simply look at the Jewish population, which continues to shrink compared with greater Israel’s Arab population. Today’s population, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, is 52 percent Jewish. By the year 2020, the population is projected to be 49 percent Jewish and by 2030 just 44 percent Jewish.

La Croce e l'Orsa, 24 dicembre 2016


Le visioni della Merkavà 1], il carro col trono divino, le elucubrazioni intorno alle Sefiròth, i dieci numeri primordiali e le ventidue lettere dell’alfabeto ebraico che costituiscono gli elementi primordiali del mondo, l’apparizione nel cuore della Castiglia del libro dello splendore, lo “Zohar”, sono altrettante tappe storiche e spirituali affascinanti della storia della mistica ebraica.

Haaretz, Dec. 22, 2016

In an article by the writer and essayist Yehoshua Radler-Feldman, written during his first months in Palestine (where he settled in 1907), and published in a newspaper in his native Galicia, he describes the unfamiliar landscape of his new home in Jaffa: “And around are the Arabs, members of our race! […] How close to us these people are! – At that moment I hear the voice of the Arab shamash [the term for a synagogue beadle]: Awaken for the worship of Allah! The mosque has a tower, and very high up there is a banister around the tower, which the shamash circles and utters his cry to every wind of the winds of the universe, hastening the believers to prayer and supplications, five times a day. The voice begins with an ‘oy-vey,’ proceeds to a ‘shteyger,’ before moving on to a ‘hamelekh’ trill [reminiscent of chants with those names] from the High Holiday services, which penetrate your soul.”

Haaretz, Dec. 20, 2016


Oct 20, 2015: “Palestinians in the West Bank have freedom of speech, the right to free enterprise, the right to worship freely, the right to elect their leaders.”