13 October 2015


[...] The Samaria Settler Council — an organization representing Israeli settlements in northern West Bank — has just uploaded a pretty jaw-dropping piece of propaganda. [...] [i]it shows a wealthy European named Herr Stürmer (get it?) tossing shiny Euro coins to a hook-nosed, vicious character referred to only as “ze Jew.”

November 2015

I wanted to make sure you know how we are responding to the enormously distressing escalation in Islamophobic rhetoric and scapegoating of refugees in the wake of the attack on Paris. As JVP Artist's Council member Aurora Levins Morales illustrated in this poem better than I ever could, the disparity in the public reaction to Paris, as compared to Beirut, or Mali, or Ankara, or Baghdad, is breathtaking.  

19 November 2015

If Beirut has been a city for 37 centuries and Paris for 20, why doesn’t anyone refer to explosions in Beirut as attacks on music, culture, civilization? Why don’t all the stories start with how ancient and rich with history it is, how in all those centuries of invasions, occupations, wars, it was never abandoned, how it keeps raising its head?

Haaretz, Nov. 11, 2015


Were Netanyahu more honest, he’d admit that he doesn’t support a Palestinian state. But he doesn’t want to do that, at least not in Washington, DC. So he told the audience at CAP that he really, really wants a Palestinian state. It just needs to remain under Israeli military control. It’s like saying you really, really want to give someone your car; you just need to hold on to the keys.