Haaretz, Nov. 4, 2015


In A Durable Peace, Netanyahu calls Israeli control of the West Bank — where Palestinians live as non-citizens without free movement under military law — “a liberal policy aimed at radically improving the lives of the Arabs.” By contrast, in the film the Gatekeepers, Avraham Shalom, who ran the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, says that in the West Bank, Israel acts as “a brutal occupation force.” Former Shin Bet head Carmi Gillon says, “We are making the lives of millions unbearable.”

il Manifesto, 28.10.2015

Forse qual­cuno ricor­derà che anni fa (era il 2001) l’allora mini­stro per le Infra­strut­ture Pie­tro Lunardi disse che biso­gna con­vi­vere con la mafia.


                                                                                                         7 october 2015

Vice-President and High Representative Federica Mogherini                                

Dear Ms. Mogherini,

We are writing to urge the Commission to remain steadfast in its intention to publish a robust interpretative note to member states so that they will verify the accuracy of the label of origin applied to settlement goods by the Israeli exporters. There are several reasons:

Firstly, the label or origin applied by exporters in the past has sometimes been false.

25 October 2015

Paola, did you see Michael's email on Friday? Last night, we held a rally outside JNF's donor reception, and I shared my story. I was on the Washington DC board of the JNF for 2 years, and for a long time, I wanted to believe that they were just another charity. But they're not -- the JNF is a major international supporter of land theft and dispossession. I resigned from the JNF board when they were publicly caught stealing a home in East Jerusalem and giving it to right wing settlers, and now I'm an activist with JVP. At JVP, we're fighting hard to stop the JNF's racist policies of segregation and discrimination -- but we need you to stand with us. Onwards, Seth Morrison.

Haaretz, Oct. 22, 2015


Mubarak Awad [...] created the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence [...]. Five years later, Israel revoked his residency permi [....].