Haaretz, 25.08.15


Channel 10 expose shows that an organization which provides financial support to Jews convicted of or on trial for violence against Palestinians is funded by a U.S. NGO.



“Honenu is doing exactly what Hamas and the PLO have been criticized for — providing personal support, if not incentives, for those who commit terrorist acts against others,” says the complaint sent Monday by T’ruah, The Rabbinic Call For Human Rights [....]

14 agosto 2015


A  papa Francesco, Casa Santa Marta, 00120 Città del Vaticano


Caro papa Francesco,


Siamo stati molto colpiti dalla notizia apparsa sul settimanale Famiglia Cristiana il 2 luglio 2015: in un articolo a firma di Luigi Grimaldi si affermava l’utilizzo di una bomba al neutrone nella guerra dello Yemen da parte di aerei con le insegne Saudite, ma di fatto “appartenenti ad Israele”, secondo l’autore dell’articolo. L’articolo era accompagnato da un video che (se autentico) rappresenterebbe l’esplosione di una bomba atomica, con il caratteristico “ fungo atomico”.

Haaretz, Jul. 29, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu and Dennis Ross, April 26, 1998.


American Jewish plutocracy ... [is] designed to reflect the wishes of large donors and of Benjamin Netanyahu, not of American Jews overall.

Haaretz, Aug. 4, 2015

A Palestinian boy inspects the Dawabsheh family's home, firebombed by Jewish extremists.


the most hypocritical of disguises are not those of Netanyahu and the xenophobes and reactionaries in his government (whose promise of a two-state solution everyone except American and European diplomats knew was a lie all along), but the disguises of Isaac Herzog, the leader of Israel’s so-called opposition and head of Zionist Union (formerly the center-left Labor Party).


The members of Een Andere Joodse Stem wish to express their pain and anger on the murderous attack that took place tonight in the West Bank. We were appalled to learn that the terrorists who killed the Palestinian infant, Ali Saed Dawabshe, and injured his entire family, have used Jewish symbols when conducting an act that is neither Jewish nor human.