The Electronic Intifada, 10 July 2015

A destroyed home in Khuzaa, September 2014.

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“That kid wants to make an atomic bomb and obliterate Israel!” he roared. “Why? Because he saw his family members die in front of him! How can you raise kids who want to make bombs?”

Mint Press News, June 2, 2015

Avera, who is age 24, is being held by the authorities in Gaza.

Facebook photo of detainee Avera Mengistu..

Facebook photo of detainee Avera Mengistu.


July 1st, 2015

On June 29th, the Israeli navy assaulted the Swedish boat “Marianne” in international waters, seizing its crew of human-rights activists and its cargo of humanitarian supplies in what can only be called an act of piracy. The passengers were dragged against their will to the city of Ashdod in Israel.

artworks-000083863259-l49eab-t50x50The British Medical Journal, 12 May 2015


The heavy-handed attempt by Pepys et al to force The Lancet to withdraw the Open Letter is better understood as part of a pattern, one that extends well beyond medical journals and even beyond the media.

HaKeillah, maggio 2015

lo status degli altoatesini in Italia è giudicato esemplare, ma se anziché essere poche centinaia di migliaia fossero dieci milioni è evidente che l'autonomia di cui godono sarebbe improponibile. Quindi la costruzione di uno stato ebraico e democratico implica o la soluzione "due popoli due stati" oppure l'espulsione (o l'apartheid) dei palestinesi dei territori; e forse anche di quelli di Israele. [...]