Haaretz, Jul 25, 2017


Three of the members were from Jewish Voice for Peace, including a rabbi: 'I'm heartbroken and outraged'


Jewish Voice for Peace members at a protest. Jewish Voice for Peace
Five members of an interfaith delegation to Israel were prevented from boarding their flight from Washington, D.C., reportedly due to their activism on behalf of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.


After 10 years of siege and devastating wars, Israel’s recent decision to cut Gaza’s already meager electricity supply, down to just two hours a day, is inflicting enormous suffering on the population of the Gaza Strip while seriously affecting its very chances of survival.

Haaretz, Jun 28, 2017

The Passover holiday in front of the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray in Jerusalem's Old City, Thursday, April 13, 2017.

The veneration of the Western Wall always struck me as a weird form of idolatry.

UJFP, 7 juin 2017

Le Parlement européen a voté à une très large majorité, le jeudi 1er juin, une nouvelle résolution sur l’antisémitisme. Il va sans dire que nous déplorons, une fois encore, la singularisation de l’antisémitisme vis-à-vis des autres formes de racisme. D’elles pas un mot, alors que, par exemple, l’islamophobie sévit partout en Europe et que la rromophobie tue. Mais il y a plus grave. A y regarder de plus près, ce n’est pas tant d’antisémitisme que de limitation de la liberté de parole et de criminalisation de la critique d’Israël qu’il s’agit.

Haaretz, Jun 29, 2017

Absurd and obscene: Silent on the occupation, US Jews howl about their own victimhood: Israeli Border Policeman at the Western Wall. 25 February


It is obscene that on the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation, as a quarter of a million West Bank Palestinians were denied entry to Jerusalem to pray and to celebrate during Ramadan, and as Palestinians in Gaza observed their fast and celebrations in the dark, with barely enough clean drinking water or electricity to survive, American Jewish leaders are upset that they can't just drop in for a visit and close a backroom deal with the prime minister.