Haaretz, Mar. 8, 2017


The statement [this law] makes and the message it sends - that those who so deeply object to the occupation that they choose not to buy settlement products - are no longer welcome to visit, see and experience their country is a drastic shift in Israel’s relationship with the outside world.  

Haaretz, Mar. 7, 2017


for some, settlement boycott has been the classic expression of liberal Zionism, leading Peter Beinart to call a settlement boycott a form of “Zionist BDS” when he first laid out his vision for that sort of move.

Jewschool, February 14, 2017


For the last decade, all-out war has been declared on anti-occupation Jews in the U.S. by the organized Jewish establishment. Everyone from J Street leftwards has been shunted aside — quite forcibly pushed out of the Jewish communal tent for violating the so-called “communal consensus” on Israel.

Mondoweiss, May 22, 2016


Here’s how you explained Zionism in your recent article for the Daily Telegraph.

“…a noble and integral part of Judaism”.

Jews for Justice for Palestinians, February 14th, 2017

Many thousands of Palestinians live in refugee camps dotted around the Arab countries of the MidEast, including Gaza and the West Bank. Balata [above] is in the West Bank and one of the larger ones.

“As Jews, we welcome refugees” (unless they’re Palestinian).

Writing from the Edge, Patheos
February 11, 2017


And it’s all down to a collective Jewish denial that’s now in its 69th year.