Haaretz, 11.05.15


They are living for 60 years in the location the state allotted to them. How can you argue once again that the expulsion is taking place during a war, and roll your eyes and say that in war there are inevitably refugees? How can you blame the Arab leaders for supposedly calling on the village residents to leave until they destroy the Zionist entity, and how can it be said that the residents of Umm al-Hiran didn’t want Jews near them, so they deserve to be evacuated? After all, the village residents are willing to live with the Jews.

[...] This time we aren’t apologizing. This time we aren’t trying to find various and sundry reasons for carrying out the expulsion. No more military or environmental constraints or any other excuses. We’re simply uprooting an Arab to plant a Jew.

[...] Members of the Abu Alkian tribe were expelled from their lands in 1948 and the lands were annexed to Kibbutz Shoval. After a few years of wandering, the state allocated them some land, and that’s where the village of Umm al-Hiran was built. [...]

In Israel there are embraces on the left and on the right. Only the Arabs are ineligible for hugging. Habayit Hayehudi conditioned its joining the coalition on the revival of the Prawer plan to permanently resettle the Bedouin, which does not constitute ethnic cleansing, God forbid, but merely creates a single large ethnic prison.

[...] Shaked will find, to her dismay, that there isn’t much left to do to realize her vision.