Haaretz, Nov. 12, 2015


[T]hey are victims. Victims who are not yet 12 years old. That must be stopped – and no, I’m not referring to the iron fist of the Israel Defense Forces, the terrors of the Shin Bet security service or the firearms wielded by civilians.

[...] “Again child terrorists,” a senior journalist said this week. “What motivates them?” he wonders, [....] “Israeli rule in Judea and Samaria, extremist Islam, or the brainwashing that leads to hatred of Jews as such?” As though 12-year-old children from East Jerusalem are even aware that there is such a thing as Jews who are not Israelis. It’s doubtful whether they know that there are Jews who are not soldiers or settlers. [...]

Do they listen to their teachers, most of whom are controlled by the education department of the Jerusalem Municipality, are appointed by it and teach under its supervision? Which school did the two cousins from Shuafat, who got on the light-rail train with scissors and maybe also a knife, attend? Did they even have a class? Or are they among the thousands of children in the eastern city who don’t have a school or a classroom?

[...] It is not the role of children – nor, indeed, of anyone – to go on a stabbing spree against civilians. If there is a worthy struggle, it must be one that is conducted for the sake of Palestinian children before it is conducted against Israel.