Haaretz, Feb. 25, 2016


Bernie Sanders’ Jewishness is embarrassing. It embarrasses the people who make comments on websites − people who usually can’t be embarrassed. They’re suspicious of Bernie. He’s Jewish, but what kind of Jewishness is this? Not our kind. Our Jewishness, or more correctly, the Jewishness of Naftali Bennett and his rabbis, isn’t the Jewishness of Bernie Sanders.

When he talks about equal rights, maybe he means blacks in America (about whom we’re not too excited either). But linking equality and rights is enough to give us a rash. It’s not our Jewishness. Due to the security situation, in our Jewishness, even a whiff of equal rights is out of the question for the indefinite future.

Our Jewishness, if it can be put this way, is Republican Jewishness. We’re the Tea Party. We’re Donald Trump. We’re the strong nation that the Republicans want to be.