Haaretz, Feb. 28, 2016


Here are some excerpts from a speech by Miriam Peretz — who lost two sons in war — and is the current spokeswoman for the ethos of Israeli bereavement: “I had the privilege of seeing Uriel and Eliraz pray beside the Western Wall. I saw them marching in IDF [Israel Defense Forces] uniform. And I saw them wrapped in a tallit and the Israeli flag being carried to their eternal resting place. At that ceremony, I felt the spirit of the nation of Israel reawaken to life. Facing the coffins of my sons, I raised my eyes to heaven and cried aloud, ‘The nation of Israel lives’ ...

[...] Her words are crystal clear: She had the privilege of seeing her sons buried as casualties of war [....] Her sons prayed every night to serve as instruments for God’s service. That they fell in battle is a great privilege for her and for them.

Truly, a Torah of life.