Haaretz, May 11, 2016


Whoever believes that women are not allowed to sing, or that it is forbidden for men to hear women singing, is insane. It is worth trying to treat him, rehabilitate him. To explain to him that he is crazy.

In any case, we must make it clear to him that there is no possibility of applying his insanity to the public sphere.

[...] Miriam, Moses’ sister, sang the “Song of the Sea,” with “timbrels and with dances,” after the crossing of the Red Sea. The Prophetess Deborah broke out in a song of thanksgiving to God after victory in war. No one arose and walked out.

“A women’s voice is her nakedness” is an esoteric invention of later “halakhic decisors.” This invention could have been left to rest in peace, along with many other inventions from ancient times. But those who are renewing it are doing so as part of an overall package of religious laws concerning “modesty.” This is a gang of fundamentalist men, who are interested in limiting the female presence in the world through force and coercion [....]