Haaretz, May 20, 2016

The dynamite that blew up the Netanyahu-Ya’alon government was the execution video clip from Hebron. Once it surfaced, the army brass and the senior politicians had to take a stand: Was Elor Azaria, the soldier who killed a badly wounded, prone Palestinian assailant, a criminal or a saint? Does he deserve to go to prison or get a medal? The prime minister sided with the soldier, the defense minister with the soldier’s commanders. At that moment, the process of deposing Moshe Ya’alon and replacing him with Avigdor Lieberman was set in motion.

[...] The third tragic figure in this saga is, of course, Isaac Herzog, who made global efforts for the purpose of being appointed Netanyahu’s international spokesman[....] It’s just a shame that he handed a domestic and overseas kashrut certificate to the right-wing government by agreeing to adopt its principles (there’s no realistic chance for a Palestinian state, and we shouldn’t be seen as “Arab-lovers”).

[...] But Lieberman is a tragic hero, too – only this time the tragedy is ours.


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