Haaretz, May 19, 2016


The Holocaust is a large component of Jewish Israelis’ national identity. It serves the right’s proto-fascist, racist, victim-centered discourse, meant to whitewash the ongoing crime against the Palestinians and to put the Christian world in a position of eternal apology.

[...] Important breakthroughs are being made in the joint study of the Holocaust and genocide: For example, Hutu ideologues in Rwanda created a “race doctrine” that drew on the ideas on which the Jews’ annihilation 60 years earlier was based. States that aided in the destruction of the Jews, like Hungary, Romania and Croatia, did so for different reasons than the Nazis did, and also persecuted and murdered other minorities — Roma, Serbs – sometimes with greater intensity than the Jews.

Disconnecting Holocaust studies from genocide studies is artificial and tendentious, like studying Napoleon apart from the French Revolution.