Haaretz, May 25, 2016

To “us,” all is permitted. That’s Israeli grammar. A Likud source explained to Haaretz that only Palestinian terrorists will be executed: “Naturally, the military courts are the ones who prosecute Palestinians charged with terror offenses, while Jews are usually prosecuted in civilian courts.” Naturally.

[...] The State of Israel was never a state of law, but rather a state in which “someday there will be law.” [...] That kind of law doesn’t exist in Israel, because it begins with equality before the law, from which all rights and taboos are derived.

This state was built on a kind of emergency regulations formulated by the cliques of the right and left, who agreed among themselves about “almost everything,” including land thefts through legal maneuvers and dispersing the immigrants who came from Arab countries. Over the years, these cliques have dissolved into the overwhelming capitalism they set up.