Haaretz, Jun. 21, 2016


what are $18.6 million compared to the approximately $338 million a year in tax exemptions that the settlements receive as national priority areas? Or compared to the $148 million they receive as extra annual support (according to the figures of the Center for Political Economics)? “Small gifts,” all in all.

The problem is that anyone who dreams of evacuating settlers by means of financial pressure – anyone who believes that if the tax exemptions are cancelled the Jews exiled in the territories would come back to live in Israel – must call on importers in Europe, investors in the United States, arms purchasers in India and Singapore and warlords in other areas of the world, to stop purchasing all Israeli products, and not only to label the products of the settlements.

[...] It’s not only the government that’s to blame for that, but all those Israelis who are willing to continue to pay the taxes that finance the settlers and to be hostages of the settlements.