Haaretz, Aug. 24, 2016


the soldiers’ objective role, even if it is undeclared, is to perpetuate 1948; to prove that we were and remain a settler-colonialist society, whose goal and aspiration is to replace the native population with its own people. Happily, we have not entirely succeeded (as countries like Australia, Canada and the United States “succeeded.”) Expulsion is not extinction.

[...] The compromise is to limit all construction (real and metaphorical) and to compress the Palestinians into crowded urban and semi-urban pockets on both sides of the Green Line, while continuing to allocate the open spaces to Jews.

The refugee camps are ready-made pockets, and because their inhabitants refuse to forget and continue to resist the logic of the colonialist-settler society, they are permanent targets. The compression methods, besides building, licensing regulations and evacuations, are demolitions, repression, raids, instilling terror, injury and killing.