Haaretz, Aug. 25, 2016


A country where about half the subjects aren't Jewish can't be Jewish.

[...] A state where half the subjects are denied rights can't be democratic [....]

Two peoples equal in size live under Israeli rule: about 6.3 million Jews and 6.3 million Arabs. Half and half.

[...] The fate of all these subjects, from registration at birth to the currency they use and most of their rights, is set in Israel. They are subject to its rule; they are part of the state.

[...] The Jewish settlers in the West Bank are part of Israel and their Palestinian neighbors aren’t? That can’t be, even if most of Israel’s Jews prefer it.

[...] Minorities? Finland’s 5.5 percent Swedish minority, Muslims in France and Australia’s 450,000 aborigines are minorities. But half the population isn’t a “minority.”