Haaretz, Sep. 04, 2016

In seven days and nights between the evening of August 24 and the morning of August 31, the Israel Defense Forces and the police carried out 107 raids on homes, villages, refugee camps and urban neighborhoods in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem). In that same seven-day period, the IDF set up 129 flying checkpoints on West Bank roads, delaying Palestinians getting in and out of their villages and towns.

[...]The soldiers’ account of the second Palestinian fatality, a man from Silwad, was quickly proved false and the man’s body was returned to his family for burial [....]

So we’ll forgo the rest of the week and the long list of flying checkpoints set up without warning around the West Bank and the inconvenience that it caused drivers. We’ll forgo the humiliation, the fear caused by having a rifle aimed at you, the car searches, the delays in getting home, sometimes until almost midnight, or the late arrivals to work meetings in the middle of the day.


from http://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/.premium-1.740225