Haaretz, Sep. 12, 2016


Soldiers cannot be expected to carry out the crimes necessary for the occupation unless the state tacitly agrees not to prosecute them. This is the true reason the army brass is coming to Elor Azaria’s defense.



It is impossible to rule over people who are denied their rights without resorting to severe violence and committing many crimes, and you cannot use soldiers to carry out these crimes without making a contract with them: You carry out missions that any reasonable person would avoid, and we will keep most of the crimes from reaching court. Perpetrators who somehow wind up in the courtroom receive light punishment.

[...] Itai Vered presented what appeared to be the first results of this contract violation, although it is still too early to assess its extent: People declaring on social media that they will not show up for reserve duty because of Azaria’s trial. This is a gray form of refusal, the type that does not end in jail.