Haaretz, Sep. 24, 2016


Who elected AIPAC? Who elected Saban? Those Jews in America are literally ruining my life here.

[...] AIPAC deprives me of my right to make decisions about my life and to conduct it as I see fit. It weakens Israeli democracy because it is much more influential in Washington than Israel’s political opposition. AIPAC in effect uses violence against me. It imposes its interests on me from afar.

I’m invisible to AIPAC. It, and not I, decides what’s good for Israel. I will pay the price for AIPAC’s actions [...] AIPAC doesn’t want to live in Israel. It prefers to live in the United States. So it has decided that I will represent it here, and in exchange it will “protect” me. That is, it will ruin my life. AIPAC has appointed itself my protection gang. It operates like the Mafia [...] Jews of America, get a life, and leave mine alone.