Haaretz, Oct. 26, 2016

A 15-year-old boy, Nimer Bassem Abu Amar, from the Bedouin Arab village of Lakiya in the Negev, was killed on Tuesday while doing maintenance work with relatives on Israel's border fence with Egypt. The reader may physically skim over the preceding sentence, but the mind might have difficulty fully understanding it: What does a 15-year-old boy have to do with the Defense Ministry, which has responsibility for the fence? A short time after the event, initial indications of denials of responsibility had begun to surface, but no chain of companies to which work has been outsourced can relieve the government ministry of the disgrace involved in employing youths. The poor die in private, it may be said, but sometimes they are also accused of their own deaths.

[...] [T]he responsibility falls upon the state entity that commissions the work.


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