Haaretz, Oct. 29, 2016


I’ll just have to wait patiently for the Israelis to conclude their discussions in order to decide whether to believe or not to believe that my grandfather was killed while tending to grapes, and whether all the stories I heard about fierce attacks on Tira, my village – that were miraculously repulsed, thus averting massacre and expulsion – were fictions concocted by the Arab imagination. I’ll have to wait until then in order to know whether my wife’s family abandoned the village of Miska in 1948 of its own free will for a picnic.

In the meantime, I read about more settlements, killing and land theft – and all of it, to judge by the Israeli documents, as legal as the Nakba. The same stories, the same lies and the same machinery of self-justification. Just as there was no Nakba, there is no occupation, either [....]

Then as now, the voices of the victims are not valid